why I almost said no to beachbody

Next month I celebrate my two year anniversary with Beachbody as a coach. I can say it’s one of the best decisions I ever made.  Looking back I realize it almost never happened, I spent several months being offered the opportunity and declining it.  I sort of just wanted my coach to go away.  Why?  Because I was a skeptic.  I have to give my coach, Lora, kudos for not giving up on me.  I’m thankful she kept asking even though I had plenty of excuses. Too expensive.  I don’t need a shake.  I just left another direct sales company with no intention of ever “selling” again.  I can do it on my own.  I’m a Registered Dietitian.  She finally asked me a question that got me thinking that I just needed to make a decision.  Yes or No.  I decided why not?  I told Facebook I was signing up before I even officially said yes to her.  If there is one thing I feel I’m usually very good at, it’s making decisions.  I appreciate that quality in others as well.  I thought to myself, what can it hurt to give it a try.  I’ll save some money on these shakes I’m drinking and if I don’t love it, I can quit.  But I did love it.

Beachbody is a community.  Not a crazy cult.  No kool-aid.  But we love each other.  We are like minded people who are focused on living healthy lives and sharing that with others.  We don’t ever presume to be perfect and the beautiful thing is we all have the opportunity to share our struggles with others and inspire people in the process.  I admit the name threw me. Beachbody.  I’m not a big fan of the name.  It eludes to us all wearing bikinis and having perfect bodies.  If you have been to a meeting you know that we come in ALL shapes and sizes.  I honestly have no true desire for 6 pack abs.  I might be one of the few coaches who will tell you that.  I want to be thin, healthy, full of energy…but I don’t ever want to obsess about my weight or all my flaws.  I have plenty of those already.  I share that because I want others to know it’s OK if your goal is to lose 10#, to fit in a chair, to be able to go on rides without worrying if you will fit.   Those are life changing goals.

I have had the chance to share my story with many of you over the past two years.  Prior to becoming a coach, I had a LOT of confidence issues.  I was a different person.  When I started sharing bits and pieces of my life on Facebook, I was overwhelmed with the support and nice comments I received.  I got to know my coworkers better because the shy Melissa finally started creeping out of her shell.  I’ll always be an introvert at heart, but I found a way to share “me” and inspire others.  I have a lot of flaws, but releasing some of those and sharing what makes me who I am has opened up a life I never imagined.

I had many self-limiting beliefs before I became a coach.  I thought as a Registered Dietitian I didn’t need help from a shake.  Honestly though, I’ve struggled with my weight since I was around 10 years old. As an adult I’ve ranged from a size 12 to a size 0.  It’s tough when you are in the nutrition business to be overweight.  Trust me when I say you are certainly judged.  And I get it.  You expect the one giving advice to be perfect and never struggle with what they are teaching.  But many of us do.  Maybe it even led us down the path to becoming a dietitian to help others.  I’ve never dealt with an eating disorder luckily, but I know portions and grazing and eating too many carbs have been a challenge for me.  I enjoy eating.  Even with my skills and training, in 2013 I had let stress at work have an effect on my food choices.  I avoided the scale until the yearly doctor visit.  I realized I weighed nearly 20# more than I weighed after I gave birth to my son a few years earlier.  So I said yes to trying Shakeology.  But only when offered with an incentive.  I tried my first month at the coach price vs customer price.  I admit the first time I tried it I hated it. Another coach recently said it tasted like dirt to her when they first released it a few years ago.  I’d say that would sum up my thoughts too.  So when people say they hated the sample I gave them, I get it.  It’s truly about finding the right recipe.  And finding the value.  For me it was the curbing of my addiction to sweets.  I can honestly say within a month of drinking Shakeology every day, I had overcome that addiction.  Sweets no longer had a hold on me.  27 months later I’ve hardly ever missed a day of drinking it.  I love having one easy, yet healthy meal each day that I don’t have to think about.  There are no artificial sweeteners in it, no soy.  It’s not filled  with caffeine.  There are no extra pills to take.  It’s packed with superfoods. There’s even vegan options (happens to be my favorite) for those who avoid whey.  Despite the fact I  was never into “shakes”,  Shakeology is honestly a lot more than a shake.  I just had to open my mind a little to a different way of thinking.  That tends to be hard for many dietitians, including myself.

One of the most challenging parts of coaching for me has been inviting.  Inviting others to join a challenge group or inviting them to the coach opportunity.  Why?  Because I don’t want ANYONE to think I’m inviting them just to make money or advance my business.  I think this is a common issue in sales.  I know many coaches have told me they don’t invite their family or friends.  Their business comes strictly from Instagram, Pinterest, or other social media platforms.  I’ve thought about that a lot.  My primary goal is to help people.  If I don’t know them, I still want and love to help them.  But I also feel like if I am passionate about my journey, passionate about how my life has changed, the benefits I’ve had from Shakeology, my love of great workouts, I NEED to share that with the people I love.  I realize not everyone wants or needs what I have, but I do feel it’s my job to offer it.  I hear a lot of no’s.  That’s ok.  The reason I became a Registered Dietitian was to help my family and friends live healthier lives.  I found my passion lies in nutrition/fitness.  So if you have been invited by me to join anything, it truly is because I care about you and feel what we offer could make your life better.  It’s funny when I think back to the people who have reached out to me.  Runners.  Very fit women.  People I never thought “needed” what we had.  Once again it was me assuming and me deciding for others.  Once I realized we offer something for every level of fitness and nutrition, I knew that I need to think differently.  Some people even join Beachbody for the business opportunity before they even know anything about the programs.  No matter where you start, the key is starting.

One person who has inspired me to keep inviting and being ok with all the no’s is Ellen Jones.  She is now one of my dear friends and coaches.  But her journey started with me asking,   “would you like to join a group I have starting in February (2015)?”  This was in January of 2015.  A year later she has lost 186 pounds!  To say I’m proud is an understatement.  It’s humbling.  Her life is very different than it was the day we started.  But she keeps me motivated to keep inviting.  I never know how  the decision to join one of my groups or the business might change your life.  If I don’t ask, the answer will always be no.  I pray a lot about my business.  I believe I have the potential to change many lives, including my own.  When people say yes to me, it’s about far more than a sale.  To me it’s about the story.  Your story.  How your life has changed and how you can bless others with your story.  I always wanted to be a part of something big and this is it.

So what about the cost?  Well, I finally decided I was worth the expense.  To live a healthier life…that is priceless.  I also enjoy sharing what I love with others.  As coaches, we do earn commissions from our sales.  But even if you stop buying from me, I am still your coach…for free.  Seriously.  I found my passion in the nutrition business years ago but this business has offered me the chance to help those who truly want help.  I figured out a long time ago that if you truly want something, you will find a way to make it happen.  $140 to change your life?  That’s pretty reasonable in my opinion.  That’s a few less drive-thru meals, a few less Starbucks, a few less energy drinks, a few less impulse buys at Target each month.  Trust me, you CAN find the money.  Sell a few things.  If you want to change your life, we have a great product packed with nutrition.  We have programs.  We have accountability groups to plug you in to. The decision to change is up to you.  But what I found is if you surround yourself with positive people who are on a journey themselves to live a better life, you will find that your life is so much richer.

May you find your passion in life.  May you find something that brings you joy and fills your heart.  That’s what this life is about.  Helping others and knowing you’ve made an impact in this life.





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